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Tirumala Marriage Contractor are ultimate solution  for your Catering Needs in and around Tirumal. Tell us exactly what you’re looking for and we’ll match you with qualified catering services. Simply follow these 3 steps and you’ll be on your way to planning the  PERFECT event. Our major services are for wedding reception catering, and other functions exclusively. It’s fast, simple, and Free.


Tirumala Marriage Contractor provide customer with the function package offer which enables you to walk into the function hall, go about your business and stride out smiling, without experiencing the tension of a wedding or reception normally involves have today emerged as a symbol of success through selfless service and sincere delegation of its team of members. Its initial assets of hard work, wholesomeness and understanding to customer satisfaction have made it enough with  Vegetarian’s taste.


Our catering service has its specialization in wedding catering, social parties etc., and all kinds of functional events. Here we provide just right taste on your occasion that demands. We endow services in right era.


Tirumala Marriage Contractor catering services has distinctive recognition amid any other caterers in Tirumala. We at  Tirumala Marriage Contractor have belief in traditions. Consequently the food outfitted by us in a fresh method. Our caterers are cautiously trained and especially gentle to rejoice your festivity.



Evening Snacks


1. Sweet

2. Savoury

3. Chutney


5. Tea




1. Sweet

2. Badam Kheer

3. Savoury (Hot)


5. Onion Raitha

6. Kurma

7. Dhall

8. Ghee

9. One Bouild Curry

10. One Fry Curry

11. White Rice

12. Sambar

13. Rasam

14. Curd

15. Appalam

16. Chutney

17. Pickle

18. Banana

19. Thabulam

20. Ice Cream (50ml)

Break Fast

    Bed Coffee


1. Fruit Kesari

2. Idly

3. Vada

4. Pongal

5. Chutney

6. Sambar

7. Coffee / Tea

Lunch Regular Meals

1. Sweet

2. Semiya Payasam

3. Savory (Hot)

4. Coconut Rice (Any  Side Rice)
5. Currys @2
6. Sambar
8. Dhall
9. Ghee
10. Appalam
11. White Rice
12. Chutney
13. Pickle
14. Curd
15. Banana
16. Tambulam

Andhra Menu

Tamil Menu